Choosing Your Photographer

A good photographer will help you capture the essence of your special day. They should also be able to work within your budget. If you choose a photographer who has been shooting weddings for years, he or she will likely have the experience to know the angles, lightings and when those one of a kind moments are beginning to happen so the moment can be captured. 

An experienced photographer understands how to blend in and not be intrusive where they stand out and you don’t. They know how to respect you, your family and the space you need. 

Beautiful GNP Wedding

Glacier National Park Wedding Photo Courtesy of Amber Lynn Photography. Glacier Bear Cabin

We are giving a special shout out to Amber Lynn Photography
GNP Wedding by Amber Lynn Photography. Glacier Bear Cabin.

Glacier National Park Wedding Photo Courtesy of Amber Lynn Photography. Glacier Bear Cabin

This isn’t just about taking good photos. It’s about capturing a moment in time for you and your family.  The joy in your husband’s smile as he looked at you when you danced as husband and wife for the first time. Maybe it’s the moment of mischief when the groom’s brother shared a sweetly humorous story about the time you two met. Perhaps you need someone to catch your mother and father looking at each other, sharing a tender moment of proud love for you – their only daughter who is getting married. It’s moments like these and so many others that an experienced photographer like Amber Lynn can see and preserve.

When you get married in Glacier National Park or anywhere in Northwest Montana and need a launching point of who’s who in the wedding world, let us know. At Glacier Bear Cabin & Glacier Bear Condo, we’re here to help. We want your day memorable too. 

Of course, getting married and having photos done in the most pristine of all wildernesses is just a bonus background for you!

Glacier Bear Cabin Amber Lynn Photography Weddings

Photo by Amber Lynn Photography. Glacier Bear Cabin

Amber Lynn Photography is an experienced photographer for weddings, engagements, elopements or if you simply want stellar family photos. As an avid traveler, she knows and studies lighting – nature’s lighting. And, with Montana as your backdrop, everyone in your photo will look radiant. Montana will bring out that rustic, charming, modern, edgy, cool and classic look that everyone should enjoy. 

When you have a photographer like Amber Lynn behind the camera, you surely will not be disappointed. 

Click HERE for more information and see her stunning portfolio in Glacier National Park.