With the current situation of flooding near the Glacier Park area, we are encouraging guests and travelers to stay on the top of the latest news. We will have links below of sources to follow. As of June 15th, there is now more snow expected in the upper elevations in Glacier National Park which may lead to additional flooding situations. Flathead River is expected to rise to a minor flood stage next week. 

There were rains again overnight which also brought snow to higher elevations which are making some areas precarious and may bring additional flooding this weekend. Yesterday, a small stretch of Hwy 2 between Hungry Horse and Columbia Falls had water on the road. Drivers were able to slowly get through but drivers need to be aware that rockslides are a possibility and need to be extremely cautious.

We certainly understand if our guests need to alter plans. We want everyone to be safe in their travels and during their stay. 

This is a beautiful community of nature, wildlife and people. We hope the weather settles where you can enjoy the scenery, take beautiful photos and make treasured memories while you are here.  

We can only hope and pray that the weather begins to subside and residents and guests remain safe. But we want you to be responsible too and follow the latest news. Don’t take chances in water, watch for flooding, rockslides and be aware that animals may be on the move as well. 

As Yellowstone has closed for a period of time, this is bringing new visitors to the Flathead Valley at little sooner as some are adjusting their trips south of us. 

If you find that you’re in need of accommodations, we have a second property which is a 2 bedroom condo on Whitefish Mountain – approximately 15 minutes from downtown Whitefish. 

Please feel free to reach out to us if you are looking for a place to stay during this time at 406-233-9600. 

To find the most recent news near Glacier Park or the Flathead Valley please check out the latest articles or homepages at:







Friends of Glacier National Park on Facebook has a community of local residents and guests who also keeping others updated as well as being a resource for immediate questions on current conditions. We encourage you to join their page.