Cracker Lake Trail


Hiking in the Park

Are you ready to venture out but not sure where to go? Let us help give you a few ideas on which direction to head. Don’t forget to add your input in our hiking journal in our family room at Glacier Bear Cabin to see what trails others recommend. 

We’ll give you a couple to check out every couple of weeks so check back frequently. But, we also suggest checking out for a comprehensive list and hiking guide or

Always remember that you are in wildlife habit and some trails can be closed due to bear activity. Before you head out check for trail status here: 

Hidden Lake Trail

This tail seems to top the list of most trail guides and is quite popular. For good reason! It is a moderate hike and just over 5 miles so plan for about 3 1/2 hours with about 1300 ft of elevation gain.  Mountain goats, birds, flowers, marmots and bear are possible. This is one of the trails that is known to close due to bear activity so check the National Park’s Trail Status on the link above. 

Cracker Lake Trail

This is a longer hike of about 12 miles so plan for a bigger adventure for your day and expect about a 1600 ft elevation gain. The trail can be more forested or densely covered as you start out but opens towards the end. But most will tell you that the first part of the hike will make you question your reasoning on doing it but you will find at the end that the beauty of the lake is a stunning blue and oh so pristine. It is popular for horseback riders so watch your step! Also, it can be windy so prepare accordingly.  It’s also known for bear and places you could surprise them so make sure you are making noise and carry your bear spray!  

For great hiking info, check out for trail trips and important reminders. 

Also make sure you are prepared when you head out on the trails. Make sure you have clothing and supplies for any fast changing weather. Bring bear spray and make noise on the trail so you don’t surprise them. You need to stay on the trails and follow the Leave No Trace rules.