Where Is The Best Place To Stay in Glacier? 

It’s a question everyone asks upon their first few moments once they committed to making their initial trip to Northwest Montana.  Where should I stay? Is West Glacier better than the east side? Should I stay in Columbia Falls? How are the Park’s Cabins or should I stay in Whitefish? 

Of course, we believe you should definitely stay Inside Glacier National Park!  (And, of course you should stay here!) But when you stay inside the Park, you will soak in the full Park experience and you will truly relish in the vastness of staying side the Crown of the Continent.  Once you do, you’ll not regret your decision. 

Here’s why finding a rental property in West Glacier has its rewards. The biggest issue of the last few years has been crowds and access to The Going To The Sun Road. The is the primary route going East to West via Logan Pass. In order to use this road, you either must have a ticket from the reservation entry system or you must have a reservation and staying inside Glacier National Park.  Note: Proof of this must be provided to Park’s personnel to gain entry.  

It’s a stunning drive to get up into the higher elevations, and you can enrich your senses with some of the most incredible scenery that this road will give you access to. It can help take you off the beaten path and hit some amazing trails within the Park. 

Don’t forget that you still have to purchase a park pass to get into the National Park like you normally would when staying at a cabin, hotel or campsite in Glacier National Park. But, in order to gain East/West access over the renown Going to The Sun Road, you have this one extra step you need to take if you are not staying in the park. And for many, this can be frustrating.  

This is a newer program to cut back on crowds and help the ecosystem in the park. Your patience and pre-planning will drastically help reduce any frustration should you not stay inside the park with immediate access.

Of course, we say Stay At Glacier Bear Cabin!  Upon your arrival, we’ll send you directions on how to use the access information so you can drive the Going To The Sun Road anytime during your stay.  You are located just a few minutes walk to Lake McDonald where you can use our complimentary kayaks or paddle boards anytime you wish. Of course, for getting those legs really moving, we also have our on-site mountain bikes and e-bikes (new in 2022!) for you to enjoy.  

All of this is included when you stay with us. It’s your vacation. Don’t let weather or other changes hamper your plans. With the equipment on-site, you simply go when you want to paddle. You bike when the weather and sunlight calls. This is your time to make memories and enjoy Glacier. We hope your stay with us or wherever you choose to stay in Northwest Montana is a memorable one! 

For More information on the Ticketed Entry System for the Going To The Sun Road, please check out NPS’s website: