Let’s face it—times are tough. Are you budgeting for your vacation? Summer vacations are supposed to be relaxing. We get it. And, we know that the cost of travel, accommodations, and activities quickly escalates.  But, we are here to help make sure you get a great summer vacation. So, here’s a quick guide to help you save money on your Montana trip.

Reserve Your Car Early when you book your vacation to Whitefish Montana. Make your Montana Vacation budget friendly

First of all, you have to plan ahead.  Of course, the easiest way to save money is to plan ahead and budget. Watch the airline and travel sites for deals.  Be ready to book when you see the prices take a dip. You do not want to wait until the last minute. Sadly, the prices may jump! For airport information and airlines serving Glacier Park International Airport, click HERE.

Road And Tunnel With Valley View Glacier National Park

Book your accommodations early too. Ask or look for discounts.  Sometimes, we’ll run discounted promotions. Many places (including us) give a discount if you are staying 5-7 days. If you are, you can be rewarded.  And, ask if there’s a discount for repeat guests, if you’ve stayed there before. This is a great perk for airbnb’s and vrbo’s. So, be sure to ask!

Book your activities in advance too. Don’t forget to ask if there are age-related discounts too. Many places offer discounts for old guests or kids. Remember, it’s okay to maximize your savings.

Glacier National Park in Northwest Montana. West Glacier Bear Cabin is a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom in Apgar Village and Lake McDonald in West Glacier

E-bikes, Mtn Bikes, Kayaks & Paddleboards Are Included in Your Stay at West Glacier Bear Cabin

Second, be flexible with your travel dates. Can you be open about switching your vacation dates? Airlines and hotels offer discounts at various times of the year, so check dates and rates. Also, you can consider traveling during mid-week, when prices may be lower. Holidays and long weekends can have higher prices, so if you can adjust your travel dates and compare rates, you may find a superb deal!


One great tip about Montana, our shoulder seasons (Spring and Fall) offer fewer crowds, greater rates, and, yes, even more spectacular beauty. Imagine, waking up with Glacier National Park as the season comes to life. Or, the Fall leaves and Tamaracs are bringing golds, oranges, and reds like no other.  It’s a great time to come!

Fall in Glacier National Park. Avoid the busy crowds and come see the glorious quieter season

Third, alternative accommodation options are a great choice. Of course, we love this one. Why? Because we are the alternative accommodation! Airbnb, vrbo rentals give you a break from traditional hotels and you can get groceries local, even at a farmer’s market for fresh farm-to-table foods.  save money by cooking at “home” and your leftovers make a great lunch meal or take-with-you as you head out for activities. Remember, this is about saving on your vacation and not over splurging.

West Glacier Bear Cabin has extra perks when you stay with us at our 2 bedroom, 1 bath cabin at Apgar Village near Lake McDonald

Speaking of Snacks…. Pack Your Own Snacks and Drinks. Eating out these can is super costly. And, that makes for a very expensive vacation. Our kitchen at Glacier Bear Condo is large and you have plenty of amenities to feel like a chef. Obviously, West Glacier Bear Cabin has a smaller kitchen but it’s still great for cooking and prepping meals. You can still be a foodie on budget. So, save money by packing your own snacks, drinks, and even some meals for your trip. Just be bear aware!  Don’t leave any food behind if you’re out picnicking or hiking.

Remember, Leave No Trace


Yes, there are free activities. If you came to hike, we’ve got you covered right outside your doors at either Glacier Bear Condo or West Glacier Bear Cabin. You can also enjoy our local farmer’s markets in Columbia Falls, Whitefish, Kalispell and Bigfork. Remember, to bring back goodies for your meals! (see above!)

Stay on your budget. Remember, you didn’t take a relaxing vacation just so you could go home and stress over money because you over-indulged.  Live a little, yes! But, don’t overdo it. There’s a reason you set up a budget. 

Lake McDonald has a great beach so you can go swimming or paddling here. And remember, here at West Glacier Bear Cabin we have the kayaks, paddleboards and bikes on-site and they are 100% included in your stay. Your vacation activities are all packed into the cabin for days of fun!

Great Kayaking on Lake McDonald. Stay at Glacier Bear Cabin, a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom cottage in Apgar Village

You Can Be This Happy Too When You Kayak on Lake McDonald

Be sure to book your car reservation early if you’re vacationing here during the summer peak season. Every year, car rentals are 100% booked. So, please do not wait. And, they are expensive. Be sure to check out alternative sites like Turo for options. Check out our past blog on car rental & shuttles HERE.

We want your vacation to be memorable – in a good way!  here’s the reason why we have these two properties: we loved family vacations growing up.  Don had camping trips to Yosemite and I grew up going to Colorado. We are here to offer ideas and make the memories your kids will look back on too. I remember fondly, my mother using a boogie board in Hawaii. Or playing Pictionary games with my dad and laughing until we cried because he was so bad at it. But, those are the moments we want you and your kiddos to cherish. 

Hiking, snowshoeing in glacier park. glacier bear cabin

Yes, you can save money on your Montana getaway does not mean you have to avoid the fun. On the contrary, it means you can be creative, talk to locals. Visit local pages for ideas too. Our sister property management company, Whitefish Glacier Vacations keeps a blog of upcoming activities, so be sure to check it out HERE.

Remember, with a bit of planning and creativity, you can enjoy a fantastic summer vacation without breaking the bank. Stay on budget, plan ahead and you’ll be in great shape! Of course, we’re here for you if you have any questions!

Finally, don’t forget to book your Montana vacation today!


West Glacier Bear Cabin and Glacier Bear Condo Welcome you to Whitefish Mountain or Glacier National Park with two hotel properties to choose from for your vacation any time of the year